Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I.R. Sept. 13, 1883 - Misses Clara Bixby, Grace Bradford and Maggie Prichard start for Granville, O., tomorrow to attend school. The first named young lady will enter the Baptist institution and the two latter the Presbyterian school.

I.R. November 21, 1889 - Mr. and Mrs. E. Bixby started for Chapel Hill, Texas, last Sunday, where their daughter, Clara is quite sick with malarial fever.
She has been sick four weeks and up to Sunday night, her fever had not broken. Clara is professor in a college there and has had the very best attention from kind friends. Her parents arrived there yesterday.

I.R. May 8, 1890 - Miss Clara Bixby is on the programme of the Texas Normal Institute which begins work June 26. Her subjects are Callisthenics, Primary Work and French. The distinguished Col. Parker is at the head of the institution.

I.R. June 18, 1891 - Miss Clara Bixby is on her way from Chapel Hill, Texas, via Wichita, where Walter Bixby is. She will arrive Thursday night.
I.R. June 25, 1891 - Miss Clara Bixby is home from Texas and Miss Grace Bixby from Pennsylvania to spend the summer. On her way from Texas, Miss Clara stopped over at Wichita to see her brother, Walter, who is Superintentend of the Water Works there. He is happy - his health is completely restored and his salary raised.