Monday, February 6, 2012

Finding God In My Photography

This is a wonderful description of the photographic quest to capture God's wonders. I have often felt these thoughts when I am alone with my cameras. I can get lost in these places for what feels like minutes only to later discover that I was there for hours and sometimes even days. I often find myself praying that God will drag something "cool" that He made in front of me to photograph. Have you been there before?

My brother is a photographer. The images he captures are alive with color and motion that offer rare glimpses of God’s glory, like some sacred secret. Recently I received a photograph that shows him crouched beside his tripod, a dark silhouette against the blaze of a brilliant orange sky. It is a picture of intentional stillness.

Photographers understand this need for stillness.

My brother has told me of rain-drenched misery, sand-gritted wind, and long, cold hours where cramps turn muscle to knot, and restlessness nags like doubt. And still, he intentionally seeks these lonely, desolate places, confident that God’s beauty waits there for him.

Author Unknown