Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm Blue Over You

Now there's a country song title for you!
I don't know if anyone ever wrote a song called "I'm Blue Over You" or "I'm Blue Over YALL" ... but it would surely twang pretty good.
This photo was taken by a friend mine that lives in Montrose, CO. I am still somewhat jealous of his LUCK in getting a photo of this quality. This bird landed on a post outside his passenger window seat. He turned and got this shot off with one of my cameras while he was talking on a cellphone ... and I will never live it down. He said, "This ain't so hard!"
The photographer, Gary Engholm is better than simply being lucky ... but WOW does he have an incredible neighborhood in which to take photos! God may have worked a bit of overtime in Colorado.
Gary still declares he got the shot of the day but my jealous jest was to say that it is also proof that sometimes monkeys can fly! Gary is a great friend and an Associate Pastor (imagine that) at Cedar Creek Church. I like to kid him that he has little to no photographic skill ... but (OK here goes), truth is ... I think he could shoot better photos than me with a cellphone in his backyard. I wanted this bird shot on the NikonSniper blog as a reminder of a fun day on the road with him ... and he insisted that in order to post the photo I must give him a little (small font) credit. We had a blast laughing all day ... especially when a Magpie nearly hit me in the face while driving the rental car. That surely would have made the day memorable for Gary. He would have been roaring in laughter for life. For years to come he would be able to say that he saw NikonSniper get hit in the face by a Magpie! I guess that would put me up there with FABIO.