Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bye Bye Blackbird

I love jazz. I used to be real big on the blues until I heard a man say, "Blues is something you get! Jazz is what you do about it!" Well, ... I still like to hear the blues ... but I love feel the jazz. I have obtained a fairly large collection of jazz over the years. Here is a sample of what I really like to hear when I am sitting around, driving a car or out dining in the city of Chicago.

Listen to Patricia Barber's Bye Bye Blackbird. I love the feel of the smoke filled piano bar. I like her smokey voice and the live sound of a piano well played. Listen to her wail that piano in the middle of this track. Sassy! I would kill to entertain people like this. Wouldn't you love to swing like that? It just makes me feel good. Give a listen and tell me if you like this feel. This is a jazz classic with a bluesey feel.

Swing baby, you're platinum!

NikonSniper Steve