Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hey Forrest ... I Got-s Tagged Again!

Edit from original post linked to Afiori.

I was tagged again. This time by Maria-Thérèse Andersson of Afiori. I am supposed to write seven things about myself and ask seven other creative bloggers to do the same. Generally, I am a conscientious objector to being tagged. I didn’t like getting tagged as a kid and well, not much has changed. I enjoy being arbitrary for absolutely no reason. I am trying to mellow … you know, at least photograph the roses if you won’t stop long enough to smell them. So, I will tell you seven things about me that only my family really knows.

1. On my first day of school I was sent home with a note pinned to my shirt requesting an immediate parent-teacher conference. So what, if she can’t take a joke! I wonder if she's still alive. That was 47 years ago. If she is ... guarantee ya ... she'd remember me. Folks, when you're cruisin' through life, ... don't forget to make an impression!

2. Around the time of my sixth birthday I was caught breaking patio windows in a building development. That’s what happens when there was absolutely nothing better to do and you’re in the hot Texas sun way too long. I don’t remember much singing or cake at my birthday. Actually, I don’t remember being conscious at all. I think it disturbed my father a bit as I recall.
3. In the second grade, my parents decided to change things up and send me to a private school where I could get whuped on a more regular or religious basis. And whuped I got! It was on the schedule. The schedule went something like this: It was Math – Reading – Whuped – Art – Whuped – Whuped Again - Science - Full Array of Whuppings During Recess - Spelling. She was a nice teacher though. My misbehavior wasn’t anything personal. I just needed a good whuping to get through a day. God bless Gladus Phillips!
4. In the third grade, we had old desks that still had ink wells in them. I filled mine up with drool just to gross out the girls. Sweet! I later slurped some back into my mouth only to discover that my teeth became blue from the old dried ink residue. Cool! Tasty too.
5. In the fifth grade, I was captured (called over to a squad car) by the local police in the town I was living in because I was stacking rocks on the train tracks at the main train station in broad daylight. Uh, ... smooth move! The officer was sitting right across from me in his car at the train station watching the whole thing with disbelief. Schmarts huh? I thought it would be cool to see the train crush them. It was a small town at the time. Police had nothing better to do than bring down an 11 year old. They used their night sticks on me for an hour or two. Can, c-can, c--, can we all get along?
6. I nearly got killed by a man for twisting a small piece of sandpaper on his daughters face when I was in the seventh grade. I guess I sorta liked her and was stupid about it. I really didn’t think it would hurt. Well, I ran from her Dad for a few years. I can't remember exactly what he said he was going to do to me, but I certainly believed him. Maybe he was a salesman. Well, anyway, that sorta cured me of interest in his daughter.
7. My mother is justifiably a saint for dealing with all of this. After I left home she found an easy adaptable career nursing to the mentally deranged! Oh, she has some big fancy more politically correct term for it but I can never remember things that are politically correct. I guess I just don't curtsey as much as I should. Anyway, you’re welcome Mom. Some people have to pay for that kind of on-the-job education. I was committed to giving you this experience for free while you were a-raisin' me.
My Mom is still alive and well. I know she can laugh a bit more today than when this kinda stuff was happening on a daily basis. My parents taught me that I was a sinner and I needed a Savior. And when I say I needed a Savior, ... I don't mean just from my Dad after doing something stupid! Being a sinner in need of a Savior was an easy truth for me to grasp and fully accept. Today, through Christ alone I have confidence in my eternal destiny. Nothing I can do could possibly earn it. Jesus did it all.
What a way to live ... assured! I have screwed up so many things in my life. Many things are far too embarrassing to reveal in a blog format. But, ... it is great to know that the Savior paid for all of those things on the cross that I could never make right. I hope you can find peace with God and lay your trust solely in His Son.

Now, I am tagging you all. If you are a regular NikonSniper reader, tell me seven things about yourself and let me know when they are on your blog so I can read em.

NikonSniper Steve