Friday, September 9, 2011

Jesus STILL Changes Lives!

Jesus STILL changes lives today. There IS hope! Do you believe that?
Have you ever seen someone who had their life transformed by the power of God? Did you know of their life experiences before Christ and witness how God got hold of their heart and watch a change occur that can’t be explained any other way but through an encounter with the living God?
I have! More than once!
Follow what Troy is doing today at OC Soldier. I have been blessed to witness the power of Christ to change his life ... just this year! I have known Troy since he was nine years old. He was a bit of a wild rodeo in about three directions at a time. God was at work in his life over the years.
Now Troy is using what he has to proclaim the name of Jesus in his world. Troy isn't talking theory and wishful thinking. He speaks from personal experience. I hope you will read his blog.
Troy, … may God use your words for His kingdom!
NikonSniper Steve